As documentary producers we play a critical role in shaping our industry. From the creative decisions we make, to the teams we build, to how we communicate goals and priorities to funders and partners, we have the power to make choices that impact not only our films, but the whole industry. We hope this guide can help all producers and content creators better understand the responsibilities we share, internalize the importance of this work, and highlight the reasons, benefits and pathways to creating an inclusive and decolonized documentary ecosystem.

We have decided to share this document now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as hiring and labor practices are at a critical inflection point. We hope that it contributes to ongoing conversations and work being done in the field to ensure that the industry we work to restore and rebuild will be one of greater equity and inclusivity. As the DPA embarks on formalizing its own organizational structure at this time, we remain steadfastly committed to inclusion and equality in both our leadership and membership. 


This is a “living document”; it will evolve and improve over time and we plan to review, edit and update it on an on-going basis. If you have suggestions for resources or articles or just want to give feedback, please do so using this feedback form.

Inclusion & Structural Equality Resource Guide

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